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I would like to start by saying well done for taking this step in searching for a counsellor. It's a massive step and needs recognition, as you have come to a place in your life where you are seeing that you matter and need to speak through certain moments of your life.

I am Maiya, and I am trained as an Integrative Counsellor, which means I'm working from a mix of the Person Centred Approach and the Psychodynamic approach. I work with you to look back at your past as well as working with the now.
Our sessions will be tailored to suit you and not the other way around as we are all individual in our processes.
I provide a space where you can feel safe and comfortable, to allow your true self the space you need to talk.

I have a background of working in caring industries as I knew this was my forte, however, it wasn't until I stepped into counselling that I knew this was where I was going to stay.

I am understanding of different cultures, beliefs, and values. I feel race and sexuality in therapy is something that is very important. I have studied and developed my tools in working with clients from multi cultural and LGBTQ+ communities.

Here you can learn to heal and gain tools, that help you continue your development of self, and allowing those layers of protection that helped you so well melt away, as they may no longer serve you in the same way anymore.
Lets work together to find what suits you.

Being in a pandemic has allowed us to sit with ourselves, hear what we may have been blocking out, due to being in a robotic routine of the everyday cycle.
We are learning to change, and this has brought up many different emotions for every individual.
Do you have someone you can talk to about these changes and these emotions, are you feeling stuck?

I have experience in working with a wide variety of topics such as Drugs and Alcohol, common mental illness and eating disorders.  I have worked quite with sexual health, sexual traumas, gender identity, cultural identity, anxiety, depression, behavioural difficulties, emotional abuse, self-esteem and stress, family difficulties, parenting, as well as physical, verbal and mental abuse, relationship struggles, self-harm, work and lifestyle balance.

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